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External Provider Induction Pack 2023

External Providers have a responsibility to:

Provide written/signed consent from the parent/carer for your delivery of service. Your WWCC number and expiry also needs to be provided.

  • Mandatory Training Requirements must be completed prior to your arrival. Ensure you have included the date the training was completed and attach all certificates
  • All insurance documentation needs to be provided
  • Working with Children Check Declaration needs to be completed and signed 
  • Will need to complete a provider agreement
  • Have completed a criminal history check
  • Working with Special needs requires full vaccinations (CoVid included)
  • Parental consent will need to be provided in writing
  • DoE approval to be on site will need to be completed. 



To review the external providers policy please visit the rules and policy page



Please contact  to gain approval to come on site and support your client