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Learning for Life money:  Students have the opportunity to earn learning for life money throughout the day. This money can be earnt in a range of ways; such as, displaying kindness to others, completing class work, participating in activities, following directions and making good choices. The money can be spent at the school canteen, school shop and on Fridays at our Learner Lunch Program. This program works to enhance student motivation, increases student engagement, supports students to self regulate and rewards students for making great choice. Students are able to practice their money awarness and gain life skills in purchasing, saving and budgeting.

School Shop:  Each week students are provided with the opportunity to attend the Glenfield Park School Shop. This shop uses Learning for Life money and is stocked with items students can purchase and take home. Students are also able to create wish lists of items they would like to see in the shop in future.

Friday Learner Lunches: Each Friday our Community Support Team creates amazing nutritous food for students to purchase with the Learning for Life money. Students are very excited each week to see what food they will be able to purchase and try. 

Canteen: Each day students are able to purchase 2 items from the school canteen, using their Learning for Life money. This is a special treat for the students who were able to self regulate and stay on the Dark Green level. Students also have class discussions and identify what items they would like to see in the school canteen for future purchases.