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GPS Whole School Programs

At Glenfield Park School we provide several whole school programs to help students to learn essential life skills:

Glenfield Park Swimming Carnival: Glenfield Park swimming carnival is held in Term 1, at our school swimming pool. Students of all ages and classes compete. Our yearly swimming carnival provides students with an opportunity to show off their new skills and participate in novelty races against their peers and teachers. Staff and students collaborate and coordinate a fun day for all the students and staff to enjoy. The highlight for students is the novelty races which include noodle and bean bag races, and teacher’s vs students’ races. After the races, students enjoy a well-deserved sausage sizzle which is catered for by the high school students in the BBQ area. The swimming carnival supports our students to understand that it is not all about winning, it's about taking part, cheering on your peers, and having a fun time, as students are supported by their peers and staff to try and achieve their personal best. 

Character Strengths: Glenfield Park has a strong focus on the Values in Action Inventory (VIA) Classification of Character strengths and Virtues. We believe that once a student has the ability to identify their strengths and become self-aware, they can use this knowledge to self-regulate and make informed choices about their actions and reactions.

NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge: The NSW Premier's Sporting Challenge (PSC) encourages all students and staff in public schools to be more active, by increasing their participation in sport and physical activity. It is a 10-week program allowing students to engage in all types of moderate to vigorous physical activities, The activities include time spent in a broad range of sports and recreational pursuits during lunchtime, in school sports programs, class time, before or after school, and on weekends.

Hygiene Program: Students at Glenfield Park School learn about good personal hygiene habits to boost their confidence and avoid getting sick. Some of the basics of good personal hygiene taught by teachers include washing hands, covering mouth when coughing, having regular baths or showers, brushing, and flossing teeth, correctly blowing your nose, dealing with problems like bad breath and body odour.

Breakfast Club: Glenfield Park School students arrive each morning and spend time as a whole school in an informal, relaxed, social setting in the hall. During this time all students have access to and can make themselves breakfast consisting of cereal or toast. Staff use this morning time to engage in conversations and games with students individually or in small groups. This time promotes and supports building positive relationships within the whole school community. Senior students have the opportunity during this time to showcase and further develop their communication and mentoring skills when modelling, engaging with peers and including junior students in morning conversations and activities.

STEM: Stem is curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines, integrating concepts that are usually taught as separate subjects - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics - in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Rather than teach the four disciplines as separate and discrete subjects, STEM integrates them into a cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications and emphasises the application of knowledge to real-life situations. What separates STEM from the traditional science and math education is the blended learning environment and showing students how the scientific method can be applied to everyday life. It teaches students computational thinking and focuses on the real-world applications of problem solving. A lesson or unit in a STEM class is typically based around finding a solution to a real-world problem and tends to emphasise project-based learning.

Class swim lessons: In Terms 1 and 4 all classes at Glenfield Park School are engaged in one 45-minute swimming lessons a week. Teachers provide students with a range of skills and knowledge to develop swimming, water safety, survival and basic rescue skills that can save lives. The focus is on stroke development and encouraging a healthy respect for the aquatic environment.

Work crew:  Each week all students are provided the opportunity to learn within an authentic leanring enviornment. Students are able to select from a range of trades, in which they can learn and practice hands on skills from their seleected trade, wihin a safe and supportive learning environment. The skills learnt in this program can be utilised wihtin the home, community and can support students in the future to gain employment.

At Glenfield Park School we also give all of our students the opportunity to participate in the following activities:

School camps



Art Therapy



Meditation in Lava lounge