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Casual staff overview

Casual Staff General Guidelines

Casual staff, on arrival, will be greeted by an Assistant Principal, School Administration Manager (SAM) or School Administration Officer (SAO). They will provide you with a swipe key and a designated two-way radio. These items will need to be returned to the office at the end of the day.

You will be shown where to sign on, and where to store your belongings.

Please ensure that you provide the following documentation listed below to the School Administration Manager or Principal. Copies will be made of your documentation and originals will be returned to you.

• Current Working with Children Check. If you don’t have this, go to

• Provide your Casual number

• Evidence of your completion of mandatory training


Mandatory Training Requirements

Training Name Location of training Review frequency                                     Date completed                                      
Work health and safety WHS induction for employees e-Safety: navigate to the ‘Catalogue’ page > WHS Mandatory Training Once

Child Protection Awareness MyPL Once  
Code of Conduct MyPL Annually  
Data breach preparedness MyPL Once  
Child Protection Training MyPL Annually  
Corruption Prevention MyPL Annually  
Anaphylaxis e-learning (APTSs) e-Safety: navigate to the ‘Catalogue’ page > WHS Mandatory Training Every 2 years  
e-Emergency Care e-Safety: navigate to the ‘Catalogue’ page > WHS Mandatory Training Every 3 years  
CPR Face to face Annually  
Recognition and management of Anaphylaxis Face to face Annually  
Private and Secondary employment Read policy Annually  
Gifts and Benefits Read policy Annually  

Before students arrive:

• Meet with team teacher or executive staff to familiarise yourself with class structure, routine, student target behaviours, casual work folder and class reward system.

• Secure your personal belongings in the staffroom lockers. It is not advisable to take them into the classrooms.

• Refer to the “Daily Planner” whiteboard in the office for important information relating to the whole school. Check the "Playground Duty Roster” for duty variations.

• Photocopier – no code required

• If unsure of anything – Please ask.

• Meet in the Staff Hub at 8.30am for a staff meeting.

• School Hours: 8:30am – 3:30pm


Management Strategies

  • Remain Calm
  • Remind students, of their “job” as a learner
  • No power struggles 
  • Seek support if required
  • Positive corrective language, agree to disagree-move on 
  • Cooling off time
  • It is not your role to enact physical intervention
  • If you require further strategies, please refer to the behaviour management strategies tab on our website
  • Be alert at all times and DO NOT leave yourself alone with a student

At all times, follow the directions of the executive team.


Playground Duty Responsibilities

• Ensure you attend your duty promptly. Staff on duty are to be VISUAL, MOBILE, and VIGILANT during playground supervision period.

• Scan, Move, Interact and Praise students while on duty.

• All staff are to carry a two-way radio.

• Staff have the responsibility of supervising the exiting and entry of their students at the beginning and end of the break periods.

• Staff are responsible for the management and supervision of sports equipment taken from and returned to the sports storeroom.

• Staff determine what equipment comes out onto the playground.

• Staff are to promptly supervise their students return to class at the end of the break periods.


Home Time

• At the conclusion of the students learning day, teachers are responsible for getting students to their taxi not the SLSO (unless directed by an executive member).


You will be expected to read and check the Staff induction booklet located in the Staffroom or staff hub.