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Attendance Policy 2024

Glenfield Park School - Compulsory Student Attendance Information

Education for your child is important and regular attendance at school is essential for your child to achieve their educational best and increase their career and life options. NSW public schools work in partnership with parents to encourage and support regular attendance of children and young people. When your child attends school every day, learning becomes easier and

Education in New South Wales is compulsory for all children between the ages of six years and below the minimum school leaving age of 17 years. The Education Act 1990 requires that parents ensure their children of compulsory school age are enrolled at, and regularly attend school, or, are registered with the NSW Education and Standards Authority for home schooling.

Once enrolled, children are required to attend school each day it is open for students.


My child won’t go to school what should I do?

You should contact the principal as soon as possible to discuss the issue and ask for help. Strategies to help improve attendance may include a referral to the school’s learning and support team or linking your child with appropriate support networks. The principal may seek further support from the Home School Liaison Program to develop an Attendance Improvement Plan.


Glenfield Park School Absence Procedures

Prior to applying for support from the Home School Liaison Program, schools have a responsibility for interventions at different levels:

1. SMS daily when student absent – admin.

2. 3 days consecutive unexplained absences, Admin to send SMS requesting attendance or to justify why student not at school. Admin to record on Sentral

3. 5 days, teacher to do classroom check on Sentral parent app, seeking reason for absence. (example) Dear parent, we have been missing ????, hoping they are ok. Can you let me know why they have been away. Record intervention on Sentral.

4. 10 Days unexplained absence, Teacher admin to contact parent/career via a phone call to discover why student not at school and if we can support in any way. Exec staff to complete educational neglect via MRG. Record intervention on Sentral.

5. 15 days unexplained absence, Teacher admin to send letter/email to parent/career and arrange an attendance review meeting to discuss absences and how to re-engage student. Attached will be a Personal attendance plan for parents to complete before attending the meeting.  Refer student to school based counsellor. Record intervention on Sentral.

6. 20 days unexplained absence. Teacher admin to call parent career, asking did you receive letter – doing welfare check. Exec staff to complete educational neglect via MRG. Record intervention on Sentral.

7. 25 days unexplained absences, Principal to send a letter to parent/careers informing of habitual absence. Make contact with Learning and support team regarding habitual absence. Letter sent by Principal to parent letter, informs parent of H.S.L.O engagement. Record intervention on Sentral.

8. 30 days unexplained absences, H.S.L.O to be contacted by Principal and refer student. Exec staff to complete educational neglect via MRG. Record intervention on Sentral.

9. 35 Days unexplained absences, follow up with H.S.L.O team. Record intervention on Sentral.

10. 40 days unexplained absences, contact CWU (Child Wellbeing Unit) for additional support. Principal to parent letter, informing parent of CWU engagement. Exec to do MRG. Record intervention on Sentral.


What might happen if my child continues to have unacceptable absences?

It is important to understand that the Department of Education may be required to take further action where children of compulsory school age have recurring numbers of unexplained or unjustified absences from school. Some of the following actions may be undertaken:

· Compulsory Schooling Conferences You may be asked, along with your child, to attend a Compulsory Schooling Conference. The conference will help to identify the supports your child may need to have in place so they attend school regularly. The school, parents and agencies will work together to develop an agreed plan (known as Undertakings) to support your child’s attendance at school.

· Application to the Children’s Court – Compulsory Schooling Order If your child’s attendance at school remains unsatisfactory the Department may apply to the Children’s Court for a Compulsory Schooling Order. The Children’s Court magistrate may order a Compulsory Schooling Conference to be convened.

· Prosecution in the Local Court School and Department staff remain committed to working in partnership with you to address the issues which are preventing your child’s full participation at school. In circumstances where a breach of compulsory schooling orders occurs further action may be taken against a parent in the Local Court. The result of court action can be the imposition of a community service order or a fine.


Compulsory School Age

All New South Wales students must complete Year 10 or its equivalent. After Year 10, and up until they reach 17 years of age, there are a range of flexible options for students to complete their schooling.


Working in Partnership

Glenfield Park School and the NSW Department of Education recognises that working collaboratively with students and their families is the best way to support the regular attendance of students at school.


We look forward to working in partnership with you to support your child to fulfil their life opportunities.