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Principal's message

Principal's Message

Glenfield Park School is a specialist setting with expert staff providing intensive intervention for complex learners with unique emotional needs.  All students at Glenfield Park School are Known, Valued and Cared for. Glenfield Park School is a School for Specific Purposes catering for 70 students who have been diagnosed with an emotional disturbance (ED) and a mild intellectual disability (IM). The school caters for students from Kindergarten to age 17. The school population is divided into 10 classes, with each class being staffed by a Teacher and School Learning Support Officer (SLSO).

Glenfield Park School strives to be a beacon of excellence in the area of student wellbeing. We are seen throughout the community as a resource to provide stakeholders with the knowledge and understanding needed to best support the cognitive, social, emotional and academic needs of our students. Through our system of strong networks we share the skills and confidence needed to best support wellbeing through quality teaching and learning.

Students come from schools throughout the Regional South area. The focus of the school is to provide intensive behavioural and social development to students with specific academic and emotional needs, empowering them to participate in and become valued members of society.

Glenfield Park School has a strong focus on the Values in Action Inventory (VIA) Classification of Character strengths and Virtues. We believe that once a student has the ability to identify their strengths and become self-aware, they can use this knowledge to self-regulate and make informed choices about their actions and reactions.

At Glenfield Park School we re-engage, disengaged learners, while empowering them to identify their character strengths to manage life’s daily struggles. Primary students that attend Glenfield Park School can have reintegration plans created which support transitions into their Home Schools. The high school students complete a Life Skills ROSA or Higher School Certificate. High School students attend Glenfield Park School five days a week with some students participating in work experience programs.

Throughout the day all students have numerous occasions to speak with all staff.  At Glenfield Park we ensure that all teachers have various opportunities to build relationships with students.  We do not assign one teacher to mentor one student, our students have the opportunity to build relationships with all staff.

We have a strong focus on student wellbeing. The ethos of Glenfield Park School is built on positive and supportive relationships with students and their families. Staff foster and develop a holistic understanding of each student and nurture learning partnerships between the school, staff, students and wider community. We endeavour to have every student feel known, valued and respected. Relationships are at the core of our discipline model.

Restorative practices underpin all discipline conversations, students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions, develop empathy for others, and repair relationships. At Glenfield Park School we implement Trauma Informed Practices while interacting with students within the classroom, playground and school envrionment. This incorporates child-centred relationship strategies which are implemented by all staff. These strategies allow staff to understand how students with a history of trauma are communicating, allowing them to respond empathetically. Explicit teaching opportunities are created and provided to students to assists them in understanding and regulating their own behaviour and assist students to build relationships with peers and adults.  

Building relationships with our families is very important.  All staff at Glenfield Park School work closely with families.  We communicate daily with families via email, Sentral Parent App or phone calls. Staff go out of their way to make positive phone calls to families to highlight the strengths of the children. Glenfield Park has a strong commitment in supporting the community and have a fulltime Student Support Officer (SSO).

Glenfield Park School strives for continuous improvement. Our current Strategic Directions are:

1. Student growth and attainment 

To ensure that every student has strong foundations in literacy and numeracy enabling confidence in their ability to learn and adapt. We will continually challenge them to learn and improve.

2. Empowered and valued members of society

To empower students within an inclusive environment to allow them to connect, thrive and succeed through successful implementation of a social and emotional skills, whilst fostering an inclusive, connected partnership with our broader school community.

3. Glenfield Park School as a Leader

Sustainable differentiated leadership development, targeted to best support the teaching and learning of students.

Glenfield Park School staff are committed to help students develop the skills, confidence and ability to be Safe, Respectful Lifelong Learners.


Yours in Partnership,

Michelle Gomes

Principal, Glenfield Park School

Supporting students to be Safe, Respectful Lifelong Learners

March 2023