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Enrolment at Glenfield Park School
Placements and review

Applications for placement are through the Access Request process. An Access Request is arranged by the School Learning and Support Team at their local Public School.

A student is offered enrolment in a SSP through a placement panel process. A student's eligibility is determined through the Department's disability criteria as well as the availability of a place in an appropriate Specialist Support Class.

Enrolment arrangements for students with disability and additional learning and support needs are the same as for all students. To get information about enrolment, parents and carers can visit the local public school.

Schools for specific purposes review the placement of each student annually. Reviews consider all aspects of a student's personalised learning and support, including whether or not the current placement is best meeting their learning and support needs.

Do you need help?

Parents and carers should contact the Principal of their child's school. Parents and carers whose child is not yet enrolled in school should contact their local school or Educational Services Team on 131 536.