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External Providers policy

External Providers Procedures



Glenfield Park School is focused on providing students with a holistic care plan and willingly works with and supports External Providers to offer in school 1:1 support for students.

Our School Approach

Glenfield Park is an inclusive school catering to the unique social, emotional and academic needs of students. We are a beacon of wellbeing excellence for the community. We are trauma informed and use character strengths to empower students to be safe, respectful, lifelong learners. An holistic approach ensures students connect, succeed and thrive in an engaging teaching and learning environment that fosters self-regulation and reflection. When students graduate from Glenfield Park School they leave with confidence and the skills to support them for life.


Responsibilities and Obligations

For Glenfield Park Staff

· Guide external providers through the Department of Education approval process ensuring that all documentation is submitted, and training is completed.

· Ensure a coordinated approach when scheduling session times which work for the student, teacher, and external provider.

· Consider all requests for support from External Providers against the needs and interests of the student or group of students who are the intended service recipients, other students in the school and the operational requirements of the school.

· Considering the individual circumstances of the student or group of students concerned and the wider needs of the school on a case by case situation.

· Consider the educational needs and priorities of the student or group of students, including access to the curriculum, the impact on student’s learning programs, the school’s operational context and duty of care obligations towards all students and staff.

· Consider the impact of the student being withdrawn from the classroom to access the service and the impact this will have on their access to the curriculum and their educational program.

· Consider whether the externally funded service can be delivered in a way that does not interfere with the running of the school.

· Consider whether the school has a suitable space where the service can provide 1:1 support.

· Provide space for multiple External Provides to provide support 1:1 to students.


For  External Providers

· Only make a direct request to a school where they can demonstrate that they have parent or carer consent to request access to the student.

· Complete all necessary paperwork and obtain required approvals before commencing 1:1 support.

· Enter into an agreement with the school, demonstrate that they have all of the necessary checks, protections and training in place.

· Communicate with school staff and the school community respectfully and collaboratively as outlined in the 2018 School Community Charter.

· Not attend the school on a scheduled day if the school, at its discretion, advises that its attendance on that day is dangerous, unsafe or not in the best interests of the school, students, staff and providers.

· Must participate in a site induction prior to delivering a service at the school.

· Work in partnership with the school when establishing scheduled 1:1 support session.

· Support students in a 1:1 session in the room provided.

· Follow school sign in procedures.

· Support students only during booked time slot.

· Work within a 45 minute time slot

· Comply with Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth); and principles under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW) – as if it is a ‘public sector agency’ in relation to but not limited to, any shared personal information of the student or about the school

· Tell the School immediately on finding out about any suspected or actual unauthorised use or disclosure of such information.

· The Contractor must not subcontract any work under this Agreement in whole or part without the School’s written consent.

· Complete, on an annual basis, the Department’s Mandatory Child Protection Training online (via MyPL), or a suitable alternative child protection training program delivered by the Contractor for its staff. Prior to the commencement of any services at the school, the Contractor’s personnel who are engaged to provide services at the school will be required to provide the school with a copy of the certificate that is awarded upon completion of the Department’s Mandatory Child Protection Training.

· Note – A Contractor approved to deliver services under the Specialist Allied Health Service Provider Scheme (the Scheme), will have met the child protection training requirement as part of the Contractor’s qualification to the Scheme. The school is not required to obtain evidence of this training for a Contractor approved under the Scheme.

· Note - External providers are subject to the same code of conduct and complaints processes and requirements as school staff when they are at the school. For guidance and support on external provider conduct issues, principals should contact Professional and Ethical Standards.

· Immediately notify school staff via phone 123 if students leave the assigned support space and monitor from your assigned location.


For Families

· Must request in writing permission for External Providers to support their child on site at school.

· Contact External Provider if student is absent on day of scheduled 1:1 support visit.

· Contact External Provider if there is a change in school routine which affects scheduled 1:1 support visit (for example, suspensions, swimming carnival, excursions, camp).

· Contact the school if they stop using the service or change providers.

· Evaluate service of scheduled 1:1 support visits at school reviews.

For Students

· Be safe, respectful learner while working 1:1 with External Provider.


Schools may withdraw external provider access if:

· The service is no longer compatible with the student’s educational needs.

· Unintended adverse consequences for other students, staff and the general running of the school.

· High turnover of external providers or their staff delivering a service to a student.

· Unreliable service provision.

· Significant concerns about the quality of service provision.

· Services not being delivered according to the External Provider Engagement Agreement.

· Inappropriate conduct by the provider.


Communicating this procedure

· Parents and carers will be advised via school-based communication, website and upon enrolment.

· External Providers will be supplied information upon application to work at school with student.

· Via school website.



If a community member, External Provider, student, parent or carer has a complaint under this procedure, they should first follow our school’s complaint process. If the issue cannot be resolved, please refer to the department’s guide for students/ parents/ carers about making a complaint about our schools.